Minister Barbara Creecy’s full Press Release

We, SAPFIA, welcome the decision announced by Minister Barbara Creecy today and the public release of the “Report of the International Review Panel regarding fishing closures adjacent to South Africa’s African Penguin breeding colonies and declines in the Penguin population” concerning the continuing alarming decline in African penguin numbers. 


The establishment of this International Panel was initiated by the Minister in October 2022, following our proposal during the Consultative Advisory Forum proceedings (also initiated by the Minister) on the African Penguin that such a panel be convened to advise on the science of the Island Closure Experiment. 


We look forward to reading the report and also in the light of the Minister’s decision, to continuing discussions with our conservation colleagues to find a reasonable balance between the impact on the penguin population and the socio-economic impact on fishing communities and the South African economy.   


Mike Copeland 

Chairman of SAPFIA 


Minister Barbara Creecy’s full Press Release



Link for the report from the Expert Review Panel

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