TAC – Total Allowable Catch

What is the Total Allowable Catch?

Total Allowable Catch, means the maximum quantity of fish of individual species or groups of species made available annually or during such other period of time as may be prescribed, for continual recreational, subsistence, commercial and foreign fishing in terms of Section 14.

Refer to Page 14 of the MLRA.

What is the Total Applied Effort? (TAE)

Total applied effort, means the maximum number of fishing vessels, the type, size and engine power thereof or the fishing method applied thereby for which fishing vessel licences or permits to fish may be issued for individual species or groups of species or the maximum number of persons on board a fishing vessel for which fishing licences or permits may be issued to fish individual species or groups of species.

The 2018 Operational Management Procedure for the South African sardine and anchovy resources 

This document details OMP-18, the Operational Management Procedure (OMP) to be used to recommend total allowable catches (TACs) and bycatches (TABs) for sardine Sardinops sagax and anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus in South African waters’. ¹

The OMP was adopted by the Scientific Working Group and it was used to recommend catch and bycatch limits for 2019 to 2021. The document still stands.

¹ C.L. de Moor, MARAM (Marine Resource Assessment and Management Group), Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, 7701, South Africa.

Determination of the Allowable Catches and Applied Effort

  1. The Minister shall determine the total allowable catch, the total applied effort or a combination thereof.
  2. The Minister shall determine the portions of the total allowable catch, the total applied effort, or a combination thereof, to be allocated in any year to subsistence, recreational, local commercial and foreign fishing respectively.
  3. In the execution of his or her powers in terms of this section, the Minister may determine the total allowable catch, or the total applied effort, or a combination thereof shall apply
    1. in a particular area, or in respect of the particular species or a group of species of fish; and
    2. in respect of the use of particular gear, fishing methods or types of fishing vessels.
  4. If the allowable commercial catch in respect of which commercial fishing rights exist, increase, the mass of the increases shall be available for the allocation by the Minister.
  5. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to mean that the Minister is prohibited from determining that
    1. the total allowable catch
    2. a portion of the total allowable catch contemplated in subsection (2); or
    3. an allocation in terms of subsection
  6. Shall be nil.

Refer to page 20 and 22 of the MLRA, Chapter 3, Part 1, Section 14

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