2022 Survey results

SAPFIA’S Code Of Conduct For Responsible Fishing 2016

Spawner Biomass Results

Recruit Biomass Results

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture

This flagship publication is part of The State of the World series of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Required citation: FAO. 2022. The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022. Towards Blue Transformation. Rome, FAO.

Biannual Report on Global Food Markets

Working With RFA

The Responsible Fisheries Alliance (RFA) is a partnership of like-minded organisations working together to ensure that healthy marine ecosystems underpin a robust seafood industry in South Africa

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The South African Pelagic Fishing Industry Association (SAPFIA) is a legally recognised industrial body which represents a large number of Rights Holder who hold approximately 67% of sardine rights and 70% of anchovy rights in the small pelagic fishing sector.

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