Small pelagic species and purse seine fishing

AnchovyEngraulis encrasicolus

  • Size generally between 8 to 12 cm.
  • Soft body with silvery stripe down its side.
  • Lower jaw distinctly shorter than the top jaw.

Sardine / PilchardSardinops sagax

  • Size juveniles generally between 8 to 12 cm.
  • Larger fish caught generally 18 to 25 cm.
  • Jaw at distinct angle compared to the red-eye.
  • Slightly flattened body and distinct line of black spots down its side. Note dorsal fin and anal fin in vertical line one above the other.

Maasbanker (Horse Mackerel)Trachurus trachurus capensis

  • Size from 6 cm upwards when mixed with other species.
  • Can be up to 30+ cm. Firm fish with distinct line of “scutes” along its side near the tail.

Mackerel (Chub Mackerel)Scromber japonicus

  • Size range 5 to 30+ cm. Firm round bodied fish.
  • Distinct blue colored dorsal with lateral stripes.

Red Eye (Round Herring)Etrumeus whiteheadi

  • Size generally between 8 to 12 cm when mixed with Anchovy.
  • Larger fish 18 to 25 cm.
    Slender round body similar to anchovy.
  • Lower jaw extends out
    further than upper jaw.
  • Note the diagonal line from the dorsal to the anal fin.

Lampanyctodes hectoris

  • Non-quota species

Maurolicus muelleri

  • Non-quota species

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The South African Pelagic Fishing Industry Association (SAPFIA) is a legally recognised industrial body which represents a large number of Rights Holder who hold approximately 67% of sardine rights and 70% of anchovy rights in the small pelagic fishing sector.

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