Working with DFFE

SAPFIA has a long history of working closely with DFFE.

The Scientific Committee members meet regularly with the Scientific Working Group at DFFE, although they are only observers, their input is taken into consideration when scientific decisions are taken for the Industry.

SAPFIA also provides research funding when they are able to. The Small Pelagic Management Working group meets bi-annually to discuss any management and day to day operational issues with DFFE. If there are decisions made there for the Industry, SAPFIA together with its Members puts them in place.

Below is the Operating Manual that was an initiative that came from the Late Mr Steve Malherbe. It is a working document that is continually updated by DFFE and Industry in order to have a manual that is available for all, that can be used and referred to.

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The South African Pelagic Fishing Industry Association (SAPFIA) is a legally recognised industrial body which represents a large number of Rights Holder who hold approximately 67% of sardine rights and 70% of anchovy rights in the small pelagic fishing sector.

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