The EU and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania have agreed to extend for up to one year the protocol governing the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement which was due to expire in November 2019.

Under the protocol, the EU fleet can fish in Mauritanian waters for shrimp, demersal fish, tuna and small pelagic fish, up to a total of 287,050 tonnes a year. In addition to the fees paid by the European fleet, the EU pays a financial contribution of €61,625,000 per year, comprising €57,500,000 for the access to waters and €4,125,000 for improving fisheries governance and supporting local fishing communities in the region.

This extension fully reflects the existing protocol and confirms its underlying principles. It will allow for the continuation of fishing activities of EU operators in Mauritanian waters as of 16 November 2019. Meanwhile, the negotiations for a new agreement and protocol will continue.

The two parties also agreed on an exceptional procedure to tackle potential border blockages during the export transportation of fresh fish caught in Mauritanian waters.

The extension will enter into force when the legislative procedures for its conclusion have been completed.

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