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Available at: . [Accessed 14th September 2020].

This year’s International Coastal Clean-up campaign kicks off in September and South African volunteers are urged to participate.

The 2020 event takes place from 18 to 30 September.

This year, only small groups of less than 50 people can access a beach at one time.

This is according to COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) is hoping that having to wear face masks and gloves will not put groups off registering for this event. It is encouraging conservancy groups, schools and families to take part.

The data from the collected litter will go towards the global Marine Debris project. This will help inform future decisions about managing waste. Marine Debris Tracker – How To Use The App.

The International Coastal Clean-up is a global event with over 100 countries participating.

Mre than one million volunteers signed up last year to clean beaches.

There’s still time to join the clean-up so please register using this form, which should be done preferably before 4 September 2020.#CleanOn

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Available at: . [Accessed 14th September 2020].

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