A Trick of Nature. NSRI Logs a Search and Rescue

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Source: Fishing Industry News SA

Most times they get the search and rescue right, but sometimes they get it wrong. NSRI duty controllers found out on Sunday that nature can also play tricks!

When the control centre received multiple eye-witness accounts of a ship explosion and on fire deep sea offshore of the KwaZulu Natal south coast, it set off a chain of events.

This was to alert the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Transnet National Ports Authority and Telkom Maritime Radio Services of what the eye-witnesses’ were reporting.

Only it turned out that there were no ships were at sea at the time in that area. What the “explosion” was in fact, was the full moon rising over the horizon giving the impression of an explosion and a fire at sea!

Fishing vessel rescue

Perhaps they were already a bit jumpy. High seas, Spring tide and a cold front makes for a busy weekend. Then a request for help from the Jabulani, a commercial fishing vessel, 14 nautical miles offshore of Port Edward on the Transkei coast.

The Jabulani, helping a casualty fishing vessel with engine failure of one of its two engines, had taken four of the nine crew on board off the casualty.

With the help of NSRI Port Edward duty crew, the vessel was able to limp to the backline offshore where the remainder of the crew were transferred to the sea rescue craft Sea Ranger.

They were then transferred to land through the 2 to 2.5 metre breaking swells, said NSRI Port Edward duty coxswain, John Nicholas.

The casualty boat was able to negotiate through the swells and beached safely with only the skipper remaining on the boat.

The Jabulani beached without incident along with the four crew that they had taken off the casualty boat.

Just another day in the world of search and rescue.

A Happy Ending… Skilled Seamanship Saves the Ship

Tracking Technology for Fishers


You can download the free NSRI RSA SafeTrax app

This is particularly useful for small craft users and paddlers because the NSRI will come to your rescue should you get into trouble at sea.

NSRI RSA SafeTrx includes a number of new features for small craft users. These are:

  • An Emergency Call button which allows you to quickly make a distress call from the application
  • Share your real-time track with family and friends during your trip
  • Build and maintain your own safety prelaunch checklist
  • Choose and alert individual emergency contacts for each trip
  • Automatically initiates a search process should you not close your trip before your chosen ETA
  • Source : https://bit.ly/2AZdyZi

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