Afro Fishing Covid-19 Community Outreach Initiatives

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Afro Fishing Covid-19 Community Outreach Initiatives

 Afro Fishing is proud to lead numerous social responsibility projects in our community. As a level 1 B-BEE business, socio-economic development is quite naturally a priority to us. 


We continue to supply products to service providers who distribute into the school feeding scheme. 


Afro Fishing was recently awarded the opportunity to supply products for food aid in the Southern African region.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, in light of the government lockdown and as a producer of basic foodstuff, Afro Fishing will assist to further support the Garden Route through this pandemic.


We are heeding the calls for emergency food supplies made by local social workers, community members, and organizations.


We met the 714 sandwiches for George Child Welfare. 


Canned pilchards are supplied daily to the following relief organizations and areas:


Mossel Bay

  • Shelters and havens
  • Joe Slovo
  • Asla Park
  • Luthuli
  • Highway Park
  • Civic Park
  • Extensions 6, 8, 13, 23, 26
  • Herbertsdale



  • Diaz Primary
  • Sao Brass High School
  • Point High School



  • George Child welfare
  • Life Community Services
  • Syferfontein,
  • New Dawn Primary School
  • Blanco Soup Kitchen
  • Seven Passes Initiative in Hoekwil


We have been moved and motivated by the acts of compassion and the desire of community members to be of service at this time. Volunteers have stepped up to enhance our reach. Individuals are participating in collecting products from our factory and delivering them to feeding points. Others are preparing meals to feed those in need. 


A point of pride is our very own Afro Fishing employees. Our staff, of their own accord, have been accessing their ability to purchase canned pilchards through our factory shop at discounted prices. These purchases have been made in order to extend a hand to those in their own circle who now find themselves in need.


Our business has, like so many others, been impacted. As a result, our factory was not productive during the initial lockdown period. As such, a point of concern for us is that our seasonal workers have access to food. It remains our priority that we reach the areas in which our staff reside.

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