Monique Talmakkies International Women’s Week

By admin on Mar 10 in Local news.

I am Monique Talmakkies and I am the Fleet Manager for West Point Fishing Corp.
I’ve worked in the pelagic industry for 14 years, and as a woman, it hasn’t always been easy. This space has traditionally been male-dominated. Regardless, I was appointed to my position in 2015.
Within this “boys club” I manage admin, finance, and operations. Seven skippers and crew members report to me, which initially might have been viewed as part of the challenge, but I’ve always been inspired to impress my peers with my commitment to achieving results by forming real relationships based on respect and understanding within this group of (shall we call them willful?) staff members.
I am very proud to have launched a student program wherein more women could be trained as deckhands. The program has been a success and later this year Jo-Anne will be one of those students who will qualify as an Able Seaman.
I believe that being goal-driven is only half of the work. You’re also required to go the extra mile. By putting in the extra effort you will inspire others to do the same and that dedication is what makes me so proud of Jo-Anne. She made the opportunity work for herself.
Be committed to your hopes and dreams and never stop working towards them. That, to me, is the key to success.


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