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Aquatic nutrition company, World Feeds, has launched a new range of products aimed at tackling one of salmon farming’s biggest issues – the control of sea lice.

Vita Aqua Feeds (VAF), designed specifically for lumpfish and wrasse, are elongated feed blocks made using a cold-extrusion process, producing soft and malleable blocks said to be highly digestible and attractive to the cleaner fish. As the blocks maintain integrity in water for up to 24 hours, they encourage and facilitate natural grazing behaviour, allowing the larger fish to satiate before the smaller fish take their turn leading to reduced aggression during feeding.

Following extensive trials in Scotland (Loch Duart) and Norway (GIFAS), studies have shown that VAF blocks maintained stable and controlled growth rates, negating the symptoms of artificially high growth rates. Improved efficacy is also achieved by reductions in cataract development. At the end of the trial period, there was a 77% reduction in cataract prevalence in lumpfish when compared with those fed with a pelleted diet.

The UK-based company has developed feeding stations designed for practicality and to maximise efficiency. The VAF Manual Line Deployment system can be easily loaded directly from the pack in situ at the pen and then deployed vertically or horizontally as required.

World Feeds has also developed an automatic deployment station which is in the final stages of development. This buoyant dispensing system is designed to deliver the feed block diet over longer periods with minimal supervision and maintenance.

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